Monday, November 22, 2010

my future

this is the situation. now i'm on my last 6 months of high school and i haven't decide anything yet. gosh... this is such a big, like veeery big decision to make. what i would like to do, or what i wouldn't like to do, or what seems good to me, what seems good to my parents...... so much things to think about man. damn.

surely there are some choices. uh.. potential choices. like accounting, and i think that i was born for it. i probably could say that for sure for the fact that i have an accounting lecturer dad. and he said that i'll have a bright future from it. i'm interested so much on it, but oh please man..

law also seems good, and my mom is a law lecturer. but same as the previous one, it's not relevant, actually :P. i do like law because i love to talk and talk and talk and i think being a lawyer is the best way to monetize my hobby yeaaahhhh... but i don't think that law is the best option at all.

and probably the last option is industrial engineering. this is the only choice where my 3 years of studying science lesson is needed. i also have a big interest on it.

and after i decide which study program i'm taking, the next thing to pray is about where should i go. either abroad, bandung or.......... salatiga which i have lived there for 17 years. lately my parents encourage me to go abroad, seeking new adventures and daughter in law for them (haha) there.. probably, just maybe i'll go either to america, australia or singapore. maybe i should ask "may i go to nigeria, zimbabwe, or anywhere in between?" and i think they won't give a damn. hahahahahaha... but several weeks before they asked me to go far far away, they asked me to stay with them here. to stay in salatiga. this is just confusing. arrrrggghhhhhh. and bandung? uh......

wish me luck man...

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